Radio, a technology that predates even television, is ironically at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing in sports. As explored in “The Attention Merchants” by Tim Wu, the battle for consumer attention has never been fiercer, and podcasts are emerging as a powerful weapon. Advertising legend David Ogilvy would indeed have been fascinated by this evolution.

What’s old is new again. Personalized advertising through podcasts is connecting sports fans on a deeper level. This “ancient” technology is now a vessel for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, reaching the ears of devoted fans. Marketing experts like Philip Kotler have recognized the value of segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and podcasts perfectly embody these principles.

Tim Wu’s insights on monetizing attention are particularly relevant in sports podcasts. By targeting specific audiences effectively, podcasts sell products, experiences, emotions, and connections. Neil Patel, a leading voice in digital marketing, has often emphasized the importance of creating value through content; podcasts are a prime example.

The continued relevance and innovation of radio through podcasts is a fascinating twist in the tale of advertising. As we move forward, this old dog called radio, through the new trick of podcasts, will continue to shape the future of sports advertising. As advertising expert Byron Sharp notes, “Brands grow by acquiring new customers, not just retaining current ones,” and podcasts are a key tool in this acquisition strategy.