From the lacrosse field to the thrilling world of bull riding, Mark Fine is set to make waves as the new Chief Marketing Officer of Professional Bull Riding (PBR). As a sports marketing executive who firmly believes in the power of storytelling in business, I see this as a brilliant hire. Fine’s focus on storytelling aligns perfectly with PBR’s commitment to narrating the excitement and passion of the sport.

The former Las Vegas Desert Dogs CEO and NLL’s Executive of the Year is now responsible for steering PBR’s marketing efforts, including live events, content, and digital. His arrival comes at a pivotal time in the second season of the PBR Team Series, and he’s ready to contribute to Endeavor’s broader network of sports and entertainment properties.

PBR’s recent partnership with Camping World Inc. and media rights deal with Univision and its entry into the sports betting landscape showcase the league’s ambition to expand its reach. With 31 sold-out events and over 775,000 fans in the first half of 2023, Fine’s expertise in crafting compelling narratives will be instrumental in maintaining the momentum.

Storytelling is not just a marketing tool; it’s the lifeblood of connecting with fans and creating memorable experiences. Fine’s proven track record laying the foundation for long-term success through storytelling makes him the ideal choice for PBR. The 30-year-old company’s commitment to innovation continues to resonate with fans, and with Fine at the helm, focusing on the stories that make the sport unique, the future looks brighter than ever.